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Your Business Audit 2023!

This year our business audits are themed

“Redesigning future Entrepreneurship post-corona”

Sales can be improved with immediate effect through transformation in communication.

The personal significance, the intensity of use of social media and personalized communication by your sales team are crucial factors in the market.

Fast and efficient employee recruitment leads to growth and development.

After the audit, the decision-maker will receive a short report for orientation, supported with meeting, immediate measures to take will be laid.

Current business audits for selection

Which service area moves you personally and your company forward?

Individual stress level

on individual stress level of internal
top performers

LinkedIn network

on productivity of your Business LinkedIn network

Communications quality

on quality of communication in your performance teams

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get out of the audit?

You will receive a maximum of 3 reports that explain better ways of dealing with bottlenecks in terms of a bottleneck-focused strategy.
In addition, we will explain further sensible steps for you personally or for your company, so that you can set up performance and speed in your company even better.

When will I receive the evaluation of the audit?

On the beginning, we will send you a short report for better orientation.

The evaluated results will be communicated to you by our experts in a digital appointment, which you can select yourself in our calendar during the booking process.

What happens to my data?

newcom.advisory GmbH ensures that all data protection regulations are complied in accordance to the DSGVO.
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