In daily business operations, the workforce is the focus of attention. All processes that require communication must be dealt seriously. International economic research shows that on average only around 60% of the productivity is accessed by 80% of the workforce. From “following the rules to bullying, internal power struggles, unauthorized delegation to internal dismissal” there are many reasons that lead to mediocre performance.

Operational competency management

Promote excellent

The operative competence management consists of tried and tested consulting, coaching and seminar alternatives, with which the communication, the willingness to perform, the ability to work in a team and the focus on results can be drastically improved for any organisation.

We are very experienced, dealing with team optimization, conflict management, innovation and perspective workshops.

the value chain


Many companies dont check their own value chain for a long time. This stockpile of reforms brings with it lots of cost disadvantages that along …

… with globalization brings threat of competition. Here we stand by our client, the decision-maker, and research the competition and provide independent and external information on “blind spots” that can negatively affect productivity. We continue to provide impulses and conduct workshops to make better use of human capital in the company.

Optimizing team’s communication

Increase productivity

Studies show that average productivity per employee remains around 60%-70%. If the team’s communication is targeted with the modern, …

… field-tested methods of improvement, then it is realistic to achieve increases in productivity of up to 10% in a few weeks, with our experience. This also has very positive effects on the work environment, sick leave and fluctuation. We have many years of experience with such processes and can also check whether there is further productive potential in our clients’ teams through reassignments or new appointments that can be leveraged.

Develop unique selling propositions

Effective innovations

It all begins with the selection of suitable protagonists in our client’s company. This group then goes through some workshops in brain storming, – …

… Forming and Norming in order to achieve possible innovations effectively and efficiently, which can then be integrated into the project and the process management. Due to the high practical relevance, innovation management makes the difference that creates USPs. We guide our clients through this process and also provide operational assistance with the implementation on an interim basis if desired.

Interim management in disposition

Temporary assistance

In addition to the operative intervention in innovation management, we can also temporarily relieve you of understaffing at management …

… level, pull projects together as the managing director or board of directors assembles or coordinate and monitor the process.


Blind spot identification and elimination


Blind spots are mismanagement and latent problems in the organization or in the work flow that can only be seen from the outside. We have the experience…

… to dissolve these blindness as part of an operational analysis and to find the right answers with you as a client in order to quickly and qualitatively become “state of the art” again.

Intercultural basic training


Every culture has peculiarities that are not visible externally. Thanks to our international experience of over 30 years, we know what is fundamentally …

… communicatively, psychologically and socially required if you want to be successful in Asia, Africa, America, etc. Even here in Europe, cultural ideas in business life are quite different. Through our experience and professional personnel diagnostics, we can help you gain a better understanding and thus greater success in international business.


Resolves conflicts

Conflicts can be constructive – but mostly they are an expression of a personal conflict, triggered by misunderstandings, fears or aggression. Many conflicts are…

… often dynamic and spread through organizations like a disease. Ultimately, you reduce the performance of your company and often have a lasting impact on the work environment. Some conflicts escalate to such an extent that they can also become dangerous for a company. Now there are means such as jurisdiction or arbitration to get such conflicts under control. However, there are also conflicts in which a solution must be found quickly, otherwise there will be material and social damage to the company. We know such conflicts from practice and can usually intervene in a short period of time in such a way that the conflict is made transparent, discussed and resolved among those involved. This saves money and time. In the end, it is important to transform the negative energy inherent in such conflicts into constructive and performance-oriented energy and attitude of each individual. Just talk to us if you, as a decision-maker, finds yourself in a situation where it becomes necessary to intervene with practical conflict management.

The ‘support in setting your own rules’ is our motto when dealing with our clients. The practical participation in finding a solution as an outside force is our concern in order to do justice to the work with a high focus. Constructive commitment instead of pure advice is part of our value compass in order to achieve the maximum benefit in every individual project and in every task, even on an interim basis.

Rule Breaking

Adaptive & New Thinking

The environment of the company is changing rapidly along with the innovations that are emerging at this fast  pace. Together with the managers and their teams, we define an agile course for transformation. Adding value through a fluid organization means developing a system in which the focus is on promoting talent and otherwise constantly developing the performance of each individual and all teams.

Release of energies instead of unrestricted compliance is a required for every entrepreneur. Pushing forward vigorously where others remain anxious in routine is important. Harmonizing an employee of a company is essential. Adding value through a fluid organization means developing a system that focuses on promoting talent and developing the performance of each individual.

Engagement vs. Alignment