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For a decision maker, it is beneficial to have a high-quality advisory resource at hand, when business processes are being accelerated externally. This element of “advisory management” then brings about the decisive lead in terms of quality and speed which is essential in decision-making processes.

“The procedure you proposed, to carry out the moderation in a three-stage process – letter of understanding, letter of intent, letter of commitment – has proven to be very effective. With your help, we managed to bring a complex issue to a successful conclusion in just three result-oriented meetings with the staff body within seven weeks… “
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Dr. Wolfram Strobl

CEO | Fresenius medical care

“Personally, I would also like to thank you for your role in the individual coaching sessions with me. As a trusted Advisor and Coach, I appreciate your experience., which was displayed during our session. I felt that you dealt with me my situation 100%. Your recommendation on the board structure and organizational development needs has given me a great deal of clarity for my own priorities…” 
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Manuel Reiberg

CEO | Daiichi-Sankyo

“Together with Mr. Hamacher and his team, the necessary solutions were developed, and valuable insights were gained for optimizing the management team. The insights implemented in the company following the workshop have helped to significantly optimize the management and team’s time and thus free up human resources … “
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DI Rainer Schamberger

CEO | Payment service austria

“Through your valuable experience, you were able to bring us in light step by step. Your techniques, methods and objections had their right place at every point. Thanks to your art of consulting, there have already been some successes in a short time. Only when you know your own strengths and those of the management team can you develop the strategies that will quickly lead the company to the top. …”
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Mag. Harald Wächter

CEO | riviera gmbh

“Mr. Hamacher has been appointed to provide support to ASICS / ASICSTIGER / ONITSUKA TIGER to give Advisory to the Head of Sales to manage the turnaround in his responsible area (AT, PL, SI, HR, CZ, SK, HU) with the following goals appointed in specific:
(1) Strengthen the mind set to embrace an agile Change Culture
(2) Develop an ambidextrous and target conditional Sales Organization”.
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Lisa Rankin


“Mr. Hamacher proved to be extremely dedicated and knowledgeable. His input and his views have helped me to gain valuable insights and to optimize and to optimize my business strategy and planning.
He was always professional and friendly and managed to create a
atmosphere of trust, which made it easier for me to disclose my goals and challenges.” 
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Patric Preite

CEO | interactive friends ag, St. Gallen

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